ZKS is the CPU token for EOS Blockchain. ZKS tokens are redeemed for CPU resources on the EOS Mainnet through a smart-contract. We have simplified the process of getting CPU, so that users of EOS can quickly and easily accomplish any transactions they need to make on the mainnet.

ZKS tokens have been designed to be a very simple utility token. 10 ZKS will provide 1 EOS worth of CPU for 3 hours and 100 ZKS will provide 1 EOS worth of CPU for 24 hours. There are no complex mechanisms for issuance or redemption, simply go to AirDropsDAC Portal and log in with Scatter or through any wallet of your choice to redeem your ZKS.

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You may also use any wallet of your choice.Simply transfer ZKS to zksredeemcpu for 3hrs, or zksredeem24h for 24hrs. To redeem for someone put their account name in the memo

ZKS Redemption may be temporarily unavailable if resources are depleted.
zksredeem111,112,113,114,115 may be checked for daily 3hr resources available. zksredeem311,312,313,314,315 may be checked for daily 24hr resources available.

Have you received ZKSPLAY from BetDice? Simply transfer ZKSPLAY to zkstokensr4u to convert them to ZKS

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