You may also use any wallet of your choice.
Simply transfer ZKS to zksredeemcpu for 3hrs, or zksredeem24h for 24hrs
To redeem for someone put their account name in the memo

ZKS Redemption may be temporarily unavailable if resources are depleted.
zksredeem111,112,113,114,115 may be checked for daily 3hr resources available.
zksredeem311,312,313,314,315 may be checked for daily 24hr resources available.

Redeeming or transfering ZKS automatically claims it

Have you received ZKSPLAY from BetDice? Simply transfer ZKSPLAY to zkstokensr4u to convert them to ZKS

The Problem

EOS Mainnet users struggle having enough CPU resources when developing, playing games and using dapps.

ZKS offers an easily redeemable solution.

The Solution

ZKS is a standard EOS token deployed and airdropped on the EOS Mainnet Blockchain

In addition to the airdrop, ZKS tokens can be given to customers by any business – some examples would be exchanges, restaurants, e-commerce sites, Conference Organizers, etc.

The ZKS tokens are redeemed for CPU and Network resources on the EOS Mainnet through a smart-contract. We have simplified the process of allocating CPU and Network.

ZKS tokens have been designed to be a very simple utility token, that will provide 1 EOS of CPU for 3 hours. There are no complex mechanisms for issuance or redemption.


ZKS is a utility token with unique airdrop mechanisms. The initial and subsequent airdrop are proof-of-concepts prior to partnering with rewards providers.

Initial Airdrop
31 ZKS per account
Soft Cap
1 Billion
Hard Cap
10 Billion
Inflation Model
5% annually
1 ZKS = 1 EOS
1 CPU for 3 hours
Sep 2018
  • Develop concept
  • Initial PoC
Oct 2018
  • Create token
  • Create smart contract
  • Create redemption portal
Early Nov 2018
  • 31 ZKS Per Account
  • 0.1 EOS Minimum to Receive
Nov 2018
Claiming Period
  • ZKS must be claimed
  • Claim through portal
Late Nov 2018
  • Unclaimed tokens will be reclaimed
April 2019
  • Announce intial partnerships
May 2019
Conference Prototype
  • Conference PoC
  • Event PoC
Aug 2019
Conference Drops
  • Airdrop to Attendees

The Team

ZKS3103 SECZ is a software company in the Cayman Enterprise Zone. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Z-Meta, LLC, a US based private investment firm.

Michael Gucci, MD
Founder of AirdropsDAC

Michael Gucci, MD

Founder of AirdropsDAC

Founder of AirDropsDAC, Founder of Z-Meta private investment firm, Z11K accelerator in Chicago and 21Zephyr, Inc.

Former ER physician and an early adopter of EOS.

Nathan Rempel
Interim CTO for AirdropsDAC

Nathan Rempel

Interim CTO for AirdropsDAC

Interim CTO for AirDropsDAC, founding partner of Australian block producer GenerEOS and the sole developer of

Technical Lead for KARMA, Advisor to Emanate, EOS Hackathon Mentor, and all around EOS dabbler

Frequently asked questions

Below we've provided some frequent questions regarding ZKS

You can also contact us directly at
And checkout our telegram at

ZKS is a redeemable token for EOS Mainnet CPU and NET resources. It will later be partnered with Dapps and events as a rewards mechanism.

The initial airdrop will give 31 ZKS to every EOS accounts with a balance of 0.1EOS or greater. After receiving the airdrop accounts must "claim" their ZKS to keep it for later use.

The ZKS token will be using an "Invitation to Claim" model. After receiving the token you must claim it through the ZKS portal or transfer some to a friend.

The ZKS token will be redeemable for CPU on the ZKS Portal. 1 ZKS = 1 CPU for three hours.

RAM is a limited resource with a price associated. To allow ZKS to be given to so many accounts the RAM must be reclaimed. This reclaim happens in two ways: users may claim ZKS and keep it forever, or unclaimed ZKS is reclaimed.

ZKS can be claimed on the ZKS portal, on, by redeeming ZKS for CPU, or by transferring any quantity to a friend.

ZKS may be redeemed on the ZKS Portal,, or by transferring ZKS to the smart-contract. All resource management is automatic.

Each ZKS is worth 1 EOS CPU for three hours.