ZKS has enabled numerous EOS users to access CPU when the network is congested, allowing them to complete their transactions with ease. 10 ZKS provides 1 EOS of CPU for 3 hours upon redemption, or alternatively you can redeem 100 ZKS for 1 EOS of CPU for 24 hours. If you want to send your ZKS to be used by a different account, simply write the name of the account to receive the resources in the memo field.

Meet the Team

ZKS3103 SEZC is a software company in the Cayman Enterprise Zone.

Michael Gucci

Founder of AirdropsDAC

Founder of Z-Meta private investment firm, Z11K accelerator in Chicago and 21Zephyr, Inc. Former ER physician and an early adopter of EOS

Nathan Rempel

Interim CTO for AirdropsDAC

Founding partner of Australian block producer GenerEOS and the sole developer of eostoolkit.io. Technical Lead for KARMA, Advisor to Emanate, EOS Hackathon Mentor, and all around EOS dabbler.